Ad'just cushion car System

Developed with the Lyon Taxi Drivers’ Union, the Ad’just cushion can help you, whether you have acute or chronic lower back pain or are looking for a preventative, post-traumatic or post-operative solution.

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Car back cushion

For lumbar pain, lumbago, low back pain
Ideal for fighting : Back pain Lumbago Sciatica Acute or chronic lower back pain The Ad’just back cushion can help you if you have lumbago,...
Lumbar + seat cushion
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Lumbar + seat cushion

Take care of your back in the car
€93.17 €103.17
A kit providing a preventive, post-traumatic or post-operative solution, to effective combat lumbago, sciatica and back pain in the car. Using both...

Fastening kit

For one-piece seats
This kit allows the back adjust cushion to be fixed to one-piece seats, i.e. seats that do not have a rod headrest. (See instructions for use) Many...

Back stabilising side cushions

Spare part
Ergonomic stabilising cushions for Ad'just back cushions. They provide "anti-roll" side support to stabilise your back going round corners and on...

Side cushions for seat...

Spare part
These cushions attach to the seat with velcro. They are designed to “wrap the thighs” like a bucket seat. They prevent the knees from sliding to...

Cushion Membrane

Spare part
Membrane : 15 x 30 cmWith tubing : 50 cm Spare part for the Ad’just lumbar cushion

Car seat cushion

Reduces nerve and muscle tension
The Ad'just seat cushion is ideal for fighting back pain caused by your car. The Ad’just seat cushionis mainly recommended if your seat is tilted...