Ad'just system : lumbar and seat car cushion for backpain

Ad’just® cushions were developed by Jean Tognet., originally to meet his personal needs.

As the products were relevant and their settings unique on the market, they were patented and named Ad’just®, or “Ad’just cushion”.

Their design and approach to the market was carried out with the help of professionals: "We worked with professionals such as the Lyon Taxi Drivers' Union to develop a lumbar cushion for cars with crucial advantages: lumbar support with precise area targeting, and side stabilisation.

The Ergotherapy Department of the Grenoble Sud Hospital encouraged us to develop an additional cushion, the seat cushion, or "triangular cushion", and helped to design it.

We subcontract production to a Lyon-based company specialising in orthopaedic equipment. Its extensive know-how guarantees both the quality of the materials and the reliability of the manufacturing process.

Online sales started in 2011 as a small business. It was so successful, and there was so much demand for adjust cushions from companies, that the business changed to a limited company in March 2014.

Our professionalism has already been rewarded by the « Préventica Health and Safety at Work » Innovation Prize in Lyon in 2015 and in Lille in 2016.

Ad'just car cushions can be adapted to all shapes and sizes of seats and all types of vehicles.

Whether you are a professional or a private individual, ad'just lumbar and seat cushions will take care of your back, allowing you to drive more comfortably and safely.