Our story

Ad'just system : lumbar and seat car cushion for backpain

Our society

Ad’just® was designed by Jean Tognet.

It was initially created in response to a personal need.

Because the product is a relevant one and its adjustments are unique on the market, it was patented and named Ad’just®, or “Ad’just cushion”.

Its design and market approach took place with the assistance of professionals, namely the Lyon Taxi Drivers’ Union.

Online shop

Online sales began in early 2011, operating as a sole proprietorship. Thanks to its initial success, a version 2 of Ad’just® was developed, with a new status of company in March 2014.

Ad’just® cushions are made by a subcontractor based in the Lyon region which specializes in orthopaedic equipment. This guarantees both the quality of the materials and the professionalism of the manufacturing process.

Originally designed by Jean Tognet to relieve his own back pain in the car, the usefulness and relevance of the Ad’just cushion encouraged him to begin to market it.

We have worked with professionals like the Lyon Taxi Drivers’ Union to offer you a lumbar car cushion with crucial benefits: lumbar support with side stabilization.

In the interest of quality and effectiveness, we subcontract its production to a company which specializes in orthopaedic equipment. In fact, our professionalism has already been rewarded by the Préventica Lille 2016 Occupational Health & Safety Innovation Award. Ad’just sells one size fits all lumbar car cushions that can adapt to any body shape and size and to any type of vehicle. A car seat cushion and other accessories are also available for your complete comfort! Whether you are a professional or a private individual, the Ad’just lumbar cushion will relieve your back and allow you to safety continue on your way.