Easily adjustable and effective back support is essential for long "static" (motorway) journeys. On more "dynamic" daily journeys, lateral back support is essential to protect you from harmful movements (tilting your pelvis, twisting your lumbar vertebrae, etc.).

Also, you should not be « slumped down » in your seat, as you risk creating nervous and muscular tension in your lower back.

How it works

The ad'just back support is a membrane that adjusts in height to target the exact position of your lumbar lordosis. Once in position, it is inflated and deflated with an easily accessible pump.

The side cushions are adjustable with velcro, to support your chest and avoid repetitive twisting movements in the back area.

The triangular cushion opens up your sitting angle, relieving tension in the lower back. It distributes the weight better on your thighs, to protect you from the risk of ankylosing compression points. Its side cushions stabilise your thighs during bends in the road to stop your pelvis from pivoting too much. A removable coccyx zone relieves pressure on that area.


Compared to many other systems, including most systems originally included by car manufacturers, an Ad'just® user can position the lumbar support very precisely: if you are smaller you can position it lower than if you are taller.

Also, the pump is easy to use while in the car, allowing users to adjust their back support position whenever they like, and find the best level of comfort, which will necessarily reduce their back pain.

It is important to know that the position of the lumbar vertebrae directly affects the position of the cervical vertebrae.


2 cushions for 4 combined actions

Lumbar cushion 1st action

Back supported

The inflatable / deflatable, height-adjustable membrane supports your lumbar arch.
The inflatable / deflatable, height-adjustable membrane supports your lumbar arch.

Lumbar cushion 2nd action

Sides supported

Adjustable side anti-roll cushions keep your body in the axis of the road.
Adjustable side anti-roll cushions keep your body in line with the road.

Cushion seat 1st action

Pelvis opened

The ad'just seat opens the trunk / leg angle and releases tension in the lower back
The Ad'just seat opens up the torso/leg angle and releases tension in the lower back. (removable coccyx part to relieve pressure).

Cushion seat 2nd action

Legs stabilised

 Side stabilizer cushions prevent tilting of the pelvis.
The stabilising side cushions prevent the pelvis from tilting.

Why is the lumbar region sensitive?

Without Ad'just cushions


Backache in the car : lumbar zone is a danger area

It is very harmful to slump down in your seat.

It’s dangerous because it has to support 2/3 of your body weight while being the most mobile area of your torso!

With Ad'just cushions


Backache in the car : A good position for more security

Beneficial to support the hollow in your back and open the angle between torso and leg.

Backache in the car : Very harmful right and left tilts in turns!

Tilting to right and left when driving round corners is very harmful!

Ad'just lumbar cushion : Benefit lateral stalling!

Beneficial to keep your back straight!

Look after your back with ad'just

Did you know that lower back pain is the main cause of :

  1. work accidents or lost work days
  2. consultations with a general practitioner
  3. disability before the age of 45.

Absenteeism and/or reduced productivity are very costly to the community: it is estimated that 30 million working days are lost each year, at a cost of between 1.5 and 2 billion to the Social Security system!

Jean Tognet originally created the Ad’just cushions to relieve his own back pain in the car, and it was so helpful and relevant that he decided to market them.

We have worked with professionals such as the Taxi Union in Lyon, France to bring you a car back cushion with essential benefits: back support and side padding. To ensure a high level of quality and efficiency, we subcontract its manufacture to a company specialising in orthopaedic equipment. Our professionalism has already been rewarded by the Lyon 2015 and Lille 2016 Occupational Health and Safety Innovation Awards.

Whether for acute or chronic lower back pain or for preventive, post-traumatic or post-operative treatment, ad'just cushions are simple and economical solutions... more comfortable and more effective in the car than a lumbar belt.

Whether for work or on private trips, the Ad'just lumbar cushion and the Ad'just seat cushion take care of your back for a more relaxed and safe driving experience.

The Ad'just cushions have been developed with the help of the Lyon Taxi Union, which is mindful of its members’ MSD*.

* Musculoskeletal disorders

Recommended by
health professionals

Ad'just is recommended by doctors, back surgeons, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, physical therapists, employment agencies, Health and Safety managers, QWL (Quality of Life at Work) managers, etc. We learned this through communicating with them directly and through user feedback.

Preventica Awards: Multiple accolades

2015 - Preventica Awards
2016 Preventica Awards