Lumbar adjustments must be possible in every configuration, particularly during long, “static” road trips, so you can easily change the support points throughout the drive.

How it works

There is an inflatable / deflatable membrane which can be activated by means of a pump and a valve. The membrane is velcroed to the back of the dorsal piece, and the user can position it at the exact location of the small of his/her back. The pump sticks out of the side, within easy reach.

Moreover, lateral stabilization cushions adjustable with velcro allow to prevent back movements harmful to the lumbar vertebrae..

In addition, the ad’just cushion can be used to open the angle between the torso and legs and releases tension in the lower back..


Compared to many other systems, including most manufacturers’ original built-in systems, an Ad’just® user is able to precisely position their support at the height that their body demands: a shorter person will place it lower than a taller person.

In addition, the pump is easy to use while on the road, allowing the user to adjust the position of their lumbar vertebrae at will, so they can find the best level of comfort, that will necessarily reduce their back pain.

It is important to know that the position of the lumbar vertebrae directly effects the position of the cervical vertebrae.


2 cushions : 4 actions to take care of your back

Lumbar cushion 1st action

Lumbar support

The inflatable / deflatable, height-adjustable membrane supports your lumbar arch.
The inflatable / deflatable, height-adjustable membrane supports your lumbar arch.

Lumbar cushion 2nd action

Stabilized back

Adjustable side anti-roll cushions keep your body in the axis of the road.
Adjustable side wings prevent swaying and keep your body on the same axis as the road.

Cushion seat 1st action

Open angle between torso and legs

The ad'just seat opens the trunk / leg angle and releases tension in the lower back
The Ad’just cushion opens the angle between the torso and legs and releases tension in the lower back (detachable part at the tailbone to alleviate pressure).

Cushion seat 2nd action

Stabilized legs

 Side stabilizer cushions prevent tilting of the pelvis.
Stabilizing side cushions prevent the pelvis from tilting.

Why the lumbar region is SENSITIVE ?

Without Ad'just cushions


Backache in the car : lumbar zone is a danger area

Slouching in the seat can be very harmful!

The lumbar area supports 2/3 of the body’s weight while being the torso’s most mobile zone!

With Ad'just cushions


Backache in the car : A good position for more security

Beneficial lumbar support and open angle between the torso and legs

Backache in the car : Very harmful right and left tilts in turns!

Very harmful swaying left and right in turns !

Ad'just lumbar cushion : Benefit lateral stalling!

Beneficial stabilizing side wings

Protect your back with Ad'just

Did you know that lower back pain is a leading cause of :

  1. occupational injury and lost work time
  2. consultations with GPs
  3. disability amongst people under the age of 45.

Absenteeism and declining productivity are very costly to the government: an estimated 30 million days of work are lost each year, representing a total cost to Social Security of €1.5 to 2 billion!

Originally designed by Jean Tognet to relieve his own back pain in the car, the usefulness and relevance of the Ad’just cushion encouraged him to perfect it and to launch it on the market.

“We have worked with professionals like the Lyon Taxi Drivers’ Union to offer you a lumbar car cushion with crucial benefits: lumbar support with side stabilization. In the interest of quality and effectiveness, we subcontract its production to a company which specializes in orthopaedic equipment. Our professionalism has been quickly rewarded by the Préventica Lille 2016 Health & Safety Innovation Award”.

Ad’just sells one size fits all lumbar car cushions that can adapt to any body shape and people size and to any type of vehicles. A car seat cushion and other accessories are also available for your complete comfort!
Whether you are a professional or a private individual, the Ad’just lumbar cushion will relieve your back and allow you to safety continue on your way.

The Ad’just cushion was developed with the assistance of the Lyon Taxi Drivers’ Union which is sensitive to its members’ MSDs*.

* Musculoskeletal disorders

Recommended by
health professionals

Ad’just has been recommended by doctors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, job retention services, Occupational Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee managers and more. We learned of this through direct contact from them and user testimonials.

Preventica Awards: Multiple accolades

2015 - Preventica Awards
2016 Preventica Awards