The Ad’just lumbar cushion adjusts your car seat to your back. Its purpose is to prevent and alleviate back problems.

There are two different cushions that provide four combined actions.

The goal of the lumbar cushion is to support the lumbar vertebrae and stabilize the sides to reduce swaying from left to right.

The seat cushion can be a good complement to the lumbar cushion. Its shape opens up the sitting angle and releases tension in the lower back. It also improves comfort and reduces vibrations, and its detachable part can help provide relief to the tailbone.

The Ad’just cushion was inspired and designed to simplify and improve the daily lives of drivers with lower back pain.

Thanks to its different components, it adapts your car’s seat to your body. It relieves and supports the lumbar vertebrae. It places the back in a good position, keeping the body in a line with the road, supporting the small of the back and reducing vibrations.

The Ad’just lumbar cushion is meant for any driver – both professionals and non-professionals – with back problems or comfort issues, from a preventative, post-traumatic or post-operative perspective.

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Thanks to the support of professionals like the Lyon Taxi Drivers’ Union, Ad’just cushions combine two essential actions: lumbar support and side stabilization.

Made by a subcontractor based in the Lyon region which specializes in orthopaedic equipment, Ad’just cushions offer guaranteed professionalism and effectiveness.

The lumbar cushions and seat cushions have one-year warranties.

The covers of both the Ad’just lumbar cushions and the seat cushions are made entirely of anti-perspiration honeycomb polyester fabric.

The seat cushions are made of high resilience (HR) foam. The stabilizing wings contain expanded polystyrene microbeads to help them adapt to any body shape.

ADJUST SAS also offers accessories like a pair of stabilizing side wings for lumbar cushions and another for seat cushions, a pump, a rubber membrane and a mounting kit for one-piece seats.

The Ad’just lumbar cushions are hand washable. The cover and membrane for the ergonomic cushions can be removed. The Ad’just seat cushions’ covers can be removed and washed at 30°C.

Important: Do not let the velcro strips come in contact with the 3D fabric..

Ad’just cushions are one size fits all and will work in any car. For one-piece seats – without headrest rods – like in motorhomes, Smart cars, Citroën C1s, Peugeot 108s, Aygos, newer Twingos, etc., you will need to use the Mounting Kit accessory..

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