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The Ad'just seat cushion is ideal for fighting back pain caused by your car.

The Ad’just seat cushionis mainly recommended if your seat is tilted too far back. It will open up the angle between your legs and torso, reducing nervous and muscular tension.

The stabilising cushions support your thighs, preventing your pelvis from pivoting when driving round corners.

The Ad'just seat cushion was designed with the participation of the Ergonomics Department of the Grenoble Sud Hospital.

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Ad'just car seat cushion reduce nerve and muscle The Ad’just seat cushion is recommended if the base of your seat slants too much towards the rear. It opens up the angle between the torso and legs, reducing nerve and muscle tension.

The firm, resilient foam absorbs vibrations.

There is a detachable part at the tailbone (coccyx), designed to alleviate pressure.

The fabric is made of honeycomb polyester. It makes it easy for the user to pivot when getting in and out of the vehicle. Its structure also reduces perspiration.

Non-slip strips hold it firmly on the seat (with no risk to the fabric or leather of the car’s seat).

The removable cover can be washed at 30°C.

Stablizing side wings - Ad'just car seat cushion

Stabilizing side wings are added to keep the thighs in place and prevent the pelvis from swivelling during turns.


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Reduces nerve and muscle tension